House Democrats Defeat EAC Termination Bill

Jun 22, 2011 Issues: Elections


HR 672 would end vital election support resources and threaten the integrity of U.S. Elections


Washington, DC (June 22, 2011):HR 672 – The EAC Elimination Bill, legislation designed to terminate the Election Assistance Commission and deal a major blow to efforts to ensure the integrity of U.S. elections, failed to pass the House today. The controversial legislation has been opposed by civil rights organizations, disability advocates, and a broad range of state and local election administrators from both sides of the aisle.  The legislation, sponsored by Elections Subcommittee Chair Gregg Harper (R-MS), would terminate the agency and its vital efforts at ensuring that every eligible voter can participate in our elections, including EAC’s great strides to protecting the constitutional rights of disabled voters. The responsibility for ensuring safe and efficient testing of voting equipment would be returned to the Federal Election Commission, the agency which handled this responsibility in the disastrous 2000 election and an agency so mired in partisan gridlock that it is already struggling to fulfill its core mission.

“The past few years have seen EAC’s operations steadily improving, as reflected in the praise we’ve heard from state and local election officials,” said Elections Subcommittee Ranking Member Gonzalez. “We should not cast aside EAC’s valuable contributions to ensuring fair and efficient elections and protecting the constitutionally protected right to vote.”

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