Democratic Leader Pelosi and Democratic Whip Hoyer Speak Out against Voter Suppression

Oct 13, 2011 Issues: Elections

At today's Democratic Leaders’ Press Conference, Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Whip, Steny Hoyer Spoke out against voter suppression.

Leader Pelosi

“In our history and in our country, we have always tried to remove obstacles of participation.  That has been the path of our democracy.  They want to reverse that.  It's wrong”.

Whip Hoyer

“Suppression efforts have gone on throughout this country and have been accelerated in the last 12 months in many, many States.  We intend to heighten America's focus on these efforts at undermining the basic American right to vote and to have their vote counted”.

 “So what we intend to do, working with the administration, working with nonpartisan groups around the country, interested in ensuring the basic right of Americans to vote, working with civil rights groups, human rights groups, voter education projects, working with the minority communities, working—whether they be Hispanic, African American or any other minority—to ensure that in the coming months and years, that every American—as we pledged to do when we adopted HAVA – not only has the right to vote, but will be encouraged to vote and will be facilitated in making sure they can cast their vote”. 

“We intend to very vigorously pursue this and we are working very closely with the Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus, with the Blue Dogs, and with every aspect of our Caucus, to make sure that Americans can vote and to confront and to bring to light the efforts that are being made throughout this country in too many States to undermine people's right to vote and to suppress registered voters from casting their vote legally and effectively”. 

“We believe some of these efforts that are being made are clearly designed to suppress the vote of those people who most need to vote to make sure that their government is paying attention to their needs as well as the needs of those who have great resources and can get attention.” 


You can view the full press conference here